Monthly Archives: April 2014

Spring Boot running in 2 min

Spring Boot 1.0.1 is released. I wanted to find the fastest way to get a spring boot app running. The usual "Hello world" was created and running in around 2 minutes. For the creation of the initial project files I used lazybones. The project template uses gradle as build tool. So I had to install gradle too. And the easiest way to install lazybones and gradle is gvm. Install gvm:
curl -s | bash
source "//.gvm/bin/"
Install gradle and lazybones:
gvm install gradle
gvm install lazybones
Create a project with the name "mycrm" with the template "spring-boot-actuator":
lazybones create spring-boot-actuator mycrm
Change into project directory and build the runable jar:
cd mycrm
gradle bootRepackage
Run the application:
java -jar build/libs/spring-boot-sample-actuator-1.0.0.jar &
Get the hello world 🙂
wget -O - localhost:8080 | less