vert.x, the new gradle build and Intellij IDEA

I just want to show how easy it is to start developing for vert.x with Intellij IDEA 11.1 and the brand new gradle based build system.

  1. Fork the vert.x repo at github (help) and clone it to your local machine (let’s say to /tmp/vert.x )
  2. Install Gradle 1.0 / Java SDK 7 / Intellij Idea 11.1
  3. Open Idea and import the project
    1. File -> New Project
    2. Import project from external model
    3. choose “Gradle”
    4. select
      1. Gradle Project: /tmp/vert.x/build.gradle
      2. Gradle home: /opt/gradle-1.0 (this depends on your gradle installation)
    5. Press next and choose
      1. Language Level: 7.0
      2. SDK: 1.7
    6. Press Finish
  4. Press Build -> Make Project
  5. Happy hacking.

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