running all tests of vert.x on a gentoo box

so after setting up the dev environment (btw. IDEA setup was much smoother) I wants to run all tests via

$./mk test

After getting errors like:

Exception in Ruby verticle: no such file to load -- rubygems

Exception in Ruby verticle: no such file to load -- json

I figured out that I have to install ruby and jruby properly on my Gentoo box. In short, run the following commands:

$sudo emerge -va dev-java/jruby dev-ruby/rubygems dev-lang/ruby
$sudo eselect ruby set ruby19
$sudo jruby -S gem install json

and add the following lines to your ~/.bashrc

export JRUBY_HOME=/usr/share/jruby
export RUBY_HOME=/usr/lib64/ruby/1.9.1

Don’t forget

$source ~/.bashrc

I used

$equery files jruby

$equery files ruby

to find the right directories.


$~/mk test


Information: Starting test: test_echo_binary



Total time: 2 mins 19.355 secs

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