Monthly Archives: March 2010

New N900 and my plan to sync with Kontact

I have a new toy - a Nokia N900 cell phone.  It is a nice gadget. But I miss a easy way to synchronize my contacts, calendars, tasks etc. with KDE's Kontact.
N900 <-> USB/WLAN <-> Laptop/Kontact
Yesterday I ask for a solution to synchronize (at freenode#kontact). The answers are more or less: Setting up a Groupware-Solution (e.g. Horde) - sync the phone with this server - sync Kontact with the server. But I think there must be easier solution for "normal" users without setting up such a server. And now I have a new long-term pet project. 🙂 I found a few tools that I could possibly use (The list is not exhaustive.): But at first I have to bootstrap my C++, Qt and KDE-programming knowledge. My plan is to help kde-pim a little bit to become familiar with the whole environment. At the moment I'm setting up a KDE development environment. It runs in a VM. If I have more experience, I will run it directly on my gentoo os. So, qt-copy is compiling... 😉 Btw. I finished the go-lang tutorial. I like the language. But at the moment I have no project to use it.